Composting Toilet

The toilet in a boat is called a head, and composting toilets are called Composting Heads; in a boat.

We have successfully used a composting head for about 7 years now and feel that they are very easy to use and work really well in a full time cruising boat. This means that they will work especially well in a weekend or day sailboat!

In this video, we go into depth talking about the specifics and all the ins and outs of a composting toilet!

How to Install a Boat Name

Vinyl letters look awesome! They give your boat a name and a character. Installing these defining features can be a bit tricky at first thought, but it really is simple once you get the hang of it.

In this video, Herby shows you how to install vinyl letters on your boat, allowing you to install the boat’s name yourself!

Head Refit: Complete

The head refit took significantly longer than I expected. Part of my underestimation was my belief that I could accomplish more in a given day than was possible, the other part was due to the fact that I ignored the fact that “curing time” is a thing.

The project started with a simple plan to change out our head cabinet to “open” the space up further. After some light demolition, serious rot was discovered in the bulkhead and further demolition needed to take place to accomplish the task.

The project was planned to take about 2 weeks, but in reality, it elapsed over 6 months.

Our Most Recent Episode!

Hello Everyone! Thank you for following along on our adventure as we sail to new lands with our electric motor and synthetic standing rigging. We are venturing along using only the power of the wind to carry us across the great blue world that we live on!