Navigating the Blog

Welcome to the Blog!  Maddie and I have been living on a 1968 Morgan 45 for a few years before we set out cruising on her. She is our project, our home, and our adventure machine!

This blog covers topics pertaining to sailing and all the parts of a sailboat. There is a special focus on rigging, but rigging is just a small part of a sailboat, and the sailboat should always be the main emphasis of rigging. 

What is the point of perfectly tuning your standing rigging if it doesn't let the boat sail well? Rigging should always be thought of in a dynamic way, where it influences the sailshape as much as the running rigging. Together, all of these factors join forces to create a sailing experience! 

The blog is more of an "information dumping ground" rather than a carefully laid out book, the topics from one blog post to the next are typically unrelated. One day it might talk about cap shroud tension, the next post might talk about anchors, and the next one be about pets on a sailboat.

To help sort through the random array of topics of the blog, it is best to search exactly what you are looking for in the search bar, located on the top right of the blog page. 


When you type in your topic, it will search the blog for those keywords and tags to generate a list of that specific topic. If you want to look up how to tighten your standing rigging, type that in and look through the posts that it brings up. If you are more interested in Barber Haulers, type that in and enjoy the results. 

At the bottom of each post, there are tags that you can click on to bring up other posts that share the same tag. At the top of each post, near the title, there are categories that you can click on. The tags are much more specific while the categories are much broader. The categories of the blog are: Cruising, Electric Propulsion, Knots, Life Aboard, Navigating, Plastic Pollution, Running Rigging, Sails, Standing Rigging, and Tiny House.

Below the search bar is a rolling set of photos from our Instagram account. You can enjoy the passing images that we have taken while we are cruising, or you can click on them to follow us on our adventure through Instagram.  

We also have a YouTube channel where you can subscribe to follow along with our journey in a video format. 


At the very bottom of the page, you will see a black section and in the middle it will say "Life Aboard Index." This is the index to the blog which will pull up every post ever written and list them by the date they were published. If you feel like perusing the catalog of blog posts, you can click here and browse over the titles to see if anything strikes your interest. 


The blog may seem a bit confusing to navigate at first, being how there is no logical order to the posts you will find in it. We publish a new post everyday at 9AM EST about a different topic. I recommend stopping by daily to check out the latest post, this way you can broaden your understandings about the inns and out of sailboat living and all the components that make it work. If you have a specific topic you are researching, I would suggest starting with the search bar.

I hope you enjoy the read, and please share the website with your friends and family who might be interested in sailing and cruising.