The Blue City

High up in the mountains of Morocco, you can find “The Blue City”.


Blue is a color Jewish families used to paint their homes; blue and white to be precise. This city received its stunning paint job back in 1492 when Jewish people fled the Spanish Inquisition in Spain. Since then, over 500 years later, the city has remained blue.

Currently, the city has become Muslim but the color has remained high up in the Atlas Mountains of Africa.


We have now sailed to our third continent: Africa! We arrived in Tangier, Morocco a few days ago and have been battling epic sight seeing and spotty internet access. Long story short: that is why I haven’t posted lately.

We are going to the Blue City tomorrow and the following day, we are sailing back to Europe to anchor near Gibraltar.

The posts will be resuming soon to their regular schedule.

Boat Pizza

What’s better than fresh pizza? Fresh pizza while sailing!

Sadly, Neptune’s Pizza hasn’t caught on yet and there is still no delivery zzz out in the ocean. If you want pizza, you’re going to have to make it yourself. This video will walk you through the whole process and make your mouth water in the process!