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Photo gallery that we have compiled while cruising


Life Aboard

Our blog where we discuss the finer details of how to live and cruise on a sailboat. It covers all the projects we have done over the years and tid bits about our journeys by sail.


Join the Sailing Buddies

The Sailing Buddies are those special people willing to donate to our cruising fund. Members are responsible for helping to keep us afloat so that we may write blogs and record videos during our lengthy time at sea.   

When you join the Sailing Buddies, you will be granted access to the locked part of the website where you can see a live map of where we are at each moment.  Higher ranks will even give you the ability to correspond with Wisdom directly from anywhere in the world! This gives you the opportunity to ask us questions and suggest new places for us to visit.   


Meet the Crew

Here you can see a closer look at the crew of this traveling voyage

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Where we are

This is the locked portion of the website where you can see exactly where we are on our live tracking map, along with many other perks that come with joining the Sailing Buddies. When you join the Sailing Buddies, you will receive the password to this section of the website.



The history of what Rigging Doctor is and how it came to be.


Hire us

If you would like to hire us to work on your yacht, please visit this page for general pricing information and directions on how to contact us.