Iguanas on Allen's Cay

The Bahamas are a magical place, each little island is an entirely different world from the last island you visited! On some islands,  


One of the most northern islands in the Exumas is called Allen's Cay and is home to a population of iguanas. These iguanas live on the vegetation found locally on the island, but they are very willing to take handouts from local tourists that come to see them. 


While we were on the island, Maddie was able to get some incredible pictures of the iguanas as they came out of the native plants and scampered along the beach! 


After a while, some rather big iguanas came out to see what food was being handed out and puffed up to show off to the smaller iguanas.  


He made his body very large and began strutting around the beach trying to scare off smaller iguanas that were around. Maddie insisted on tossing the food towards the smaller iguanas instead of directly feeding the big iguana. 


The smaller iguanas would grab the lettuce and run away when the big iguana would come over to challenge them. Sometimes, the iguanas would drop their lettuce and the big iguana would take over the situation and chow down on the leafy goodness as the smaller iguanas watched. 

After beating to windward for days, arriving on this magical island where random iguanas greet you on the beach as you make landfall was quite the experience!