Transatlantic: Day 14

Today, we moved a little faster, averaging just over 1 knot for the day! We covered a grand total of 37 nautical miles in this 24 hour period!


Light air sails carried us through the Doldrums, as there is no option for us to motor through these waters. The clear skies and calm waters let our last functioning solar panels keep everything charged up and running.

Transatlantic: Day 13

Doldrums: No wind today, no wind tomorrow, no wind anywhere.


In 24 hours, we sailed a grand total of 17.8 nautical miles. That translates into an average of 0.74 knots.

There is no wind out here, and then a squall will come up on you. This gives you a significant push (or so you think) until it passes and you realize that you have only sailed a few feet from where you once were.

We fly our light air sails and slowly make our way through this windless region of the Earth.

Transatlantic: Day 12

We are making our way North East, but at a very slow pace.


Yes, we are in the 1020 line, yes we are heading in the same direction as the wind on the charts, yes there is supposed to be 20 knots of wind.

Our friends on shore see that we are not moving and message us to check and see if everything is ok. Why else would we be moving at less than 2 knots in 20 knots of following wind? Well, the answer is simple, there was no wind!

We are heading North and trying to make our way through the doldrums without the aid of the Gulf Stream to carry us through these windless days.