Head Refit Complete

The hardest part of any project is knowing when you are finished. 


The biggest difference between an amateur (but very skilled) and a professional installation is that the professional doesn’t give you a bunch of “extra pieces” that you might want to keep around. The project ends and they take all the tools and scraps with them. 

The amateur will keep all the extra pieces because they are “too good to throw out”. This makes it look a bit cluttered and messy.  

Lets be honest, if you have to install a little trim work and you haven’t yet, you actually won’t end up installing it. You will carry the materials and tools around for years, using the project area and living it, all while logging around all this stuff that you don’t need. Pitch it and call it complete! 

The Head is done. Everything is finished to the point where we can use it. We have more projects to tackle and very limited time. That means that this project needs to be labeled as completed and any “extra pieces” discarded so that the head looks like a professional installation.