Galley Refit Begins!

It feels like I just finished the head refit and now I’m starting another project. 


Thd big difference is the galley project can’t hide behind a closed door. I have to look at this while I’m not working and I don’t have much time left. 

The head took months, this can only take days! 

Today started with a regular galley, but by the end, I had gutted it completely.  

Why is this project going so much faster? I think it’s because we have a plan. The head was more fluid. I gutted it, we looked at the space, and then the design came about during the construction process. I was timid because “what if we change our minds and I have to tear it out?” 

With the galley, everything is planned. I’m ripping out the counter, new sink, butcher block counter tops, gimballed stove/oven. Under the sink, we will cut a door and install storage shelves.  

Simple, clean, efficient. Let’s get it done!