Transatlantic: Day 3 [Day 24]

While this is the 3rd day out from Bermuda, it is also our 24th day of the Atlantic Crossing. I wasn’t really sure how to describe the timeline. Should I number the days as a total from the time we left the United States to the time we made it to the Azores? Should the clock keep ticking until we make it to mainland Europe?
I decided to break the days up into the different legs, and put the total clock in brackets. This way, you can have a rough idea of how long it had been for us while also seeing how long each leg took.


Once again, in stark contrast to the first leg, we covered well over 100 miles in 24 hours! We greatly enjoyed the wonderful speed we were having, but it was proving rather difficult to carry out the basic daily activities. Cooking, cleaning, and bathing are all more difficult when the boat is surfing along at over 6 knots. While it may be a roll filled cruise, it is wonderful to have such great speed!