Transatlantic: Day 4 [Day 25]

The pace may have slowed a little, but we are still moving along very quickly! In our slower pace, we are still covering almost 100 miles per day. At this pace, we should make the passage from Bermuda to the Azores in under 18 days, but we know it is a long trip and everything could change. In the meantime, we are enjoying the fast pace and good winds.


While we may be rather far from land, we were graced with a visitor today! A seabird was relaxing in the distance and Maddie was able to capture a photo of him with her telephoto lens!


Seeing reminders of land based life is comforting out here, even though we only left land a few days prior. The memory of land will fade quickly as your reality is all around you and dry land is merely a figment of your imagination, a dream about a past life, a fleeting thought.


And by the way, there is a Hurricane only a few hundred miles away!