Transatlantic: Day 2 [Day 23]

We are off! We left Bermuda at 6pm the day before and put Bermuda directly to our stern as we made our way to the Azores. This time, we did something very different compared to every other time we leave land behind us.

We didn’t watch the land (or city lights) fade away over the horizon!

We left Bermuda and set our course for the Azores. We were focused on going forward and only looked ahead as we made our way from land. The sun set shortly after we left Bermuda and we began our night watch. At no point did we look back!


Why didn’t we watch land disappear behind us? Because we were moving forward! When we attempted our ocean crossing a year prior, we were still wanting to cling to land. The thought of losing sight of land seemed frightening and fearsome, but this time, losing sight of land meant getting to where we are going faster!

You can’t cross an ocean if you are still close to your home port!

Bermuda is located smack in the middle of the Westerlies, and when the Westerlies are blowing, you can cover some miles quickly! When we sailed to Bermuda, we had no wind and were covering 50 miles a day (on the good days). This time, we made over 100 miles on our first day!