Day 23 Azores

I just saw a magnificent shooting star. It was slow and left a thick yellow trail. I don't know whether to look up or down. The bioluminescence is especially brilliant tonight, but the stars have also never been more clear. The night isn't dark. It's radiant. Today we approached Corvo. It rose up to greet us like a giant gray shadow. As we sailed closer and its details came into focus, I lost my breath. It was equally lush and harsh. It served as the perfect beacon as we entered the Azores. Now we are only 75 miles from our destination and the whole trip suddenly feels like a dream that I'm about to wake up from. Only instead of Florida or Bermuda, I'll be in a mountainous fairy land. We have worked so hard for tomorrow. It will be a relief and a wonder. I think I might cry. Until then, I have Scorpio beside me, and the rest of the sky.