Spinal Pain

Maddie and I have both been suffering from an odd issue. We are young and healthy, yet each morning we awake with pain in our lower back, specifically around the lumbar spine. We were perplexed since we have tried sleeping in different beds thinking it was the mattress, and sleeping in different positions, thinking it was how we slept. Nothing seemed to change, we kept waking up with soar spines!

This morning I awoke halfway, the point where you are mentally awake but your body hasn't begun to move or respond yet. I noticed something. With each wave, my torso remained static along with my head, but my hips jostled around with my legs. Each wave for the 4 hours we get to sleep while off watch is twisting our spine round and round. Each wave is jiggling us and jogging us. Each wave on this endless ocean is moving our spines as we sleep, for hours!

By wake time, its not that we are soar from bracing ourselves; we are soar from constantly being moved as we slumber.

Tonight we will try to wedge our bodies into the berth with pillows to minimize the movement of our sleepy selves and see if that can't help resolve this pain in the back.