Day 22 Azores

We've turned South toward Horta. Mars is leading the way like a great orange beacon. I don't need to check the map as long as Mars is in view ahead. I can also see Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus. Scorpio is almost showing off tonight. I've learned that the orange star near his front is 300 times bigger than the sun and my mind can't even handle that information. We're coming down to the last few nights. I know I will miss the stars. I don't think I'll miss anything else, but the stars have a special power over me, particularly Scorpio. I look up at the same ones each night, yet each night I am newly enchanted by their abundant splendor. I don't feel small when I look at them. I don't feel insignificant. I feel thankful. I feel blessed with the gift of existence in a world that offers such a view.