Day 18 Azores

I derive so much pleasure from clean sheets. This morning I boiled water in the teapot for a hot shower and it was the most soothing experience to feel it sliding down my hair. My body tingled as I scrubbed and rinsed. I've never before realized how luxurious a hot shower can be. Just wait until I don't have to pump and hold the nozzle in my hand. The shower made me feel productive. I changed all the bedding and when I spread my clean body across the fresh scented sheets, I could have been on a king sized canopy bed in a palace. Luxury.


Two days ago, a very dull afternoon was coming to a close and a couple of miracles happened. An enormous pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins came arching toward the the cockpit and then swept up to the bow of the boat. We scampered up to meet them with our cameras and they displayed themselves in perfectly synchronized groups of 2 to 4. Their slick bodies shot through the water next to us at our same speed and were visible below the surface. They brought with them exclamations of pure joy that rose out of me with each perfect jump. The second miracle was the sunset. As the dolphins gave up their game and turned north, we continued to see them silhouetted against the yellow sunset that served as that night's show.  And we were the only two humans in the audience. There is so much wonder in this world when you clear out all the people that block the view.