Day 15 Azores

We saw whales today! They came right up to our bow and checked us out, surfacing to spray with their blowholes and show us their long gray bodies. It was enchanting to see them in the most natural way possible and I felt truly blessed by their visit. After describing their smooth gray bodies and small dorsal fins to our parents, we concluded that they must have been Minke whales. Their presence lasted only a few minutes, but it was time enough for me to run to the bow and enjoy them from only a few feet away. The sound of the blow hole so close was surreal since I'd heard it in movies so many times, but never in person. The other wildlife that has graced us over the past few days is the man-of-war jellyfish. They silently pass by the boat, sporting their fans that resemble transparent purple crescents. It's easy to forget that below these flower petal fans are the tentacles responsible for making them one of the most deadly creatures in the world.  They drift peacefully by us all day. The whales didn't seem disturbed by them.

This passage is mostly boring and uncomfortable, but there are days like today that renew my appreciation for everything we are doing. If we hadn't spent four days bobbing along going backwards, we may not have had such exciting visitors. I'm still impatient to get to land. I'm ready to take a warm bath and converse with other humans. I'm ready to take a long walk and smell leaves.