Day 10 Azores

Today was our first slow day. It was actually a nice break from the pitching and sloshing that has been the trip so far. Highlights are few and far between, but one would be catching another fish of the same variety as the first time. It tasted amazing and I will remember it fondly despite the violent illness that followed that night.

Each morning we wake up and send our coordinates to David and Mary on "Adventurous" so that they can send us weather updates. It is a comfort to know that they are only 3 days ahead of us on the same ocean. Even though we can't see anything or anyone past the vast expanse of blue, we don't feel completely alone.

It's been a very different experience on this leg of the journey. We are more relaxed about watches because there is no one remotely close to us and we are able to sleep in the quarter birth since It's just the two of us. Meals are eaten whenever we feel hungry, and there have only been 3 or 4 sail changes the entire trip. Dill went up today for the first time and it was a refreshing change just to have something to do. I'm definitely not exercising enough. I can feel it when I become winded simply standing by the stove to cook chicken. I'll have to fix that.