Day 11 Azores

There are ten or so birds all around us and the clouds look like mountains against the orange strip of sunset resting on the ocean. I want so badly to know about these birds. How did they get 800 miles from the nearest point of land and how are they going to get back? They aren't landing on the boat to rest. This really amazes and perplexes me. Still, the hint of land life that they provide is a comfort. The sea is back to its quiet, infinite ripples. The sight brought with it a peace that I wasn't expecting. What was once frustrating is now a welcome beauty. We slept in the Vberth last night with the stars visible through the open hatch and it was the best sleep I've had in many nights. A few days of this may prolong our trip, but it has renewed a vitality that had been trapped, hiding away from those seemingly endless angry waves.