Day 3 Azores

We're averaging more than 100 miles a day so far. On the first leg, we didn't even do that once. Herby's very excited and absolutely loves it out here. I'm excited to get to the Azores. Sailing is fun and rewarding, but I don't have the same intense passion that he does. I think it will feel really good to say that this is something I've done. Sometimes I look out at the sunlight draping itself over the endless  waves and wonder how in the world I ended up here in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with one other person in a 45 foot sailboat. It happens pretty often actually; this out-of-body experience of disbelief and deep questioning. There are two things I'm certain of though: 1, I never would have done this if I hadn't married Herby. And 2, I'm so glad I married Herby.