Azores to Portugal: Day 9

High latitude Cruising is famous for bringing you sights few see. Why don’t many see these sights? Because it’s cold and rains all the time!

When we sailed to the Azores in 2018, it was warm and sunny. By day we would wear short sleeves and on night watch, a simple jacket was plenty to keep warm. We were sailing below latitude 40N. 

In 2019 when we left the Azores, we headed straight north to go around the eastern limit of the Azores High. This has taken us as far north as Latitude 46N. By day, it will be 61F, by night 50F. 

To make it even worse, you never see the sun because of all the cloud cover. All this cloud cover leads to perpetual rain!

Cold and rainy. That pretty much sums up our experience with higher latitude cruising in June.