Fishing in the Open Ocean

Every fisherman dreams of deep sea fishing! The rush to get out past the continental shelf into the deep ocean water where pelagic fish swim. Catching giant meals like marlin, dorado, and wahoo!

We are way beyond where they dream of going, so we do take up the opportunity to catch something amazing.

We fished from Florida to Bermuda, and from Bermuda to the Azores, and hooked a whopping two small fish! Thanks to viewers on our YouTube channel, we were able to get the fish identified as Almoco Jacks. They were delicious, but provided nowhere near the satisfaction and meal capacity of a large game fish.

Obviously, we suck at fishing1 While in the Azores, I spoke with local fishermen and talked with other cruisers who have made successful catches while out at sea to figure out how I could do this better. 

When we left the Azores, we were equipped with new gear and new tactics, but so far, 700 miles later, we still have not hooked a single fish.