Sete Cidades

In the middle of the ocean exists a small island which has a tiny town built in the crater of an extinct volcano. The town is named “Sete Cidades” which means Seven Cities, even though it sits alone in the crater.


I asked the locals about the name and no one had any idea why it was called Seven Cities, but the point is, it rests in the corner of majesty and wonder.

There are two lagoons that are separated by a small bridge. Each lagoon has its own particular flora and fauna, even though they communicate through the bridge abutments.


The lagoon on the left is called the “Green Lagoon” and the lagoon on the right is called the “Blue Lagoon”. While the left one has a slight green tint, it is nowhere near as photoshopped drastic as they appear on the postcards of this place.

The amazing part of this situation is just beyond the crest of the volcanic rim rests the North Atlantic Ocean. One step off the land and you are in the middle of the ocean!