Parental Visits

You never get to play tourist in your own home.

Maddie and I have been living in the Azores for 9 months now, yet we have not really traveled much through the islands. We had a 2 week stent in Flores during the winter, and that was about it. On the weekends, we would drive around the island Terceira and see the different sights, but not “Full-Tourist” mode.


Maddies mom came to visit us in the Azores and she came to be tourist with us as her tour guides. This meant that after spending months close to the beautiful island of Sao Miguel, we would finally travel the short flight to that island.

What a beautiful place this is! The island is significantly larger, but the people also have “Big City Syndrome” where they are not as friendly as they are in the other islands of the Azores. It is probably due to the fact that this is the most popular island in the Azores with tourists and the locals in the touristy areas are tired of tourists. Either way, we loved visiting this island and living in Terceira.