Galley Refit: Completion

The galley is done! The wood working and counter top making ended a while ago, but the stove and oven were somewhere in the mail. Without them, I could not “finish” the galley refit, as a galley without a stove is nothing more than a sink.


Our new stove and oven are an older Origo 6000 alcohol system that fit nicely into the space provided. One of my friends has this same stove in his boat and he highly recommended this unit for our new stove. The best part of the unit is that the entire system is gimballed which will allow us to cook much more comfortably while making a passage.


With the stove and oven installed, our galley is finished! This project proceeded much faster than the head refit partly because I was working exclusively in wood, instead of a combination of fiberglass and wood, and because the final design was well thought out before the project began.

The head refit was a nebulous idea that morphed along as the project evolved. Every time I went to attach something permanent, we would look at the proposal and wonder how it would affect everything down the line. I always worried that what I built today would be removed tomorrow due to a change of plans. This led to a much more cautious approach which was also a much slower process.

The galley was anything from an evolving concept. We had the sink, all the wood, and the stove; though the stove was in the mail. The plan was well thought out and the goal was to finish as soon as possible because our end date was fast approaching and this wasn’t the final project for the boat.

With sure thought and a sound plan, the galley came to be in a very short amount of time which also allowed us to get our boat back into living condition with a relatively minor upset in the timeline.