Galley Refit: Countertops Part 1

Unlike the head, which had a nebulous plan of fiberglass and wood construction, the galley is much more straight forward. The counter top is going to be made out of edge grain sapele mahogany, the plan is completely thought out, and there is a much shorter amount of time available for the project.

Let’s get started!


I had previously ordered all the mahogany that I needed before I even started the head refit. Having a stack of lumber in a boat is always fun! The wood sat in the galley area waiting for me to get around to working with it for months.

The planks that run the length of the galley are simple and straight forward. The pieces that sit at the ends of the sink are a different story. There were the really small blocks and the longer blocks. It was easy to think of the wooden sections as four independent areas: the forward piece, the aft piece, the inboard piece, and the outboard piece.


With a chop saw, we were able to quickly make all the blocks uniform in size and fit nicely into the space available. With all the wood ready and organized, the next step was for Maddie to organize the grain patterns and wood colors into a pattern she found appeasing to the eye. The blocks were then marked and oriented so that we could glue each of the four groups up independently.