Head Refit: Wood

The original plan to refit the head was to build all the furniture in there out of fiberglass. I grossly underestimated the cost involved in the materials to build the entire head out of WEST System Epoxy! 


The plan quickly switched from $112 per gallon of Epoxy to wood planking. A long time ago, the island decided that they would export goods to sustain their economy. To do this, they needed wood for crates, so they planted Cryptomeria trees (Japanese Cedar). These trees grow fast and straight, and their wood is lightweight and highly rot resistant.

Best of all, this wood here is very inexpensive! All the wood in the photo cost a whopping  €60!


The plan is to plank the side of the head over the chainplates and build a shelf that can hold our showering supplies.


Maddie wanted gaps between the boards and I liked this style because it gives wonderful airflow to the space behind the boards.


In time, the planks go on and head begins to take on form.