Head Refit: Shower Sole Part 3

Epoxy is expensive and impractical to have been using for a project of this size! I switched to polyester resin.


One gallon of epoxy cost $112. One gallon of Polyester cost €18!

That is a major difference! I was using epoxy because it is what I have learned with and what I was comfortable with. I have always done relatively small projects so the plan was simply to scale the project up to this much larger size.

This polyester resin has fairing compound already mixed in with it, so all I need to do is mix in the catalyst and smear it on everything. It also sands more easily than the 407 thickener that I had been using in the past.

Everything got a layer of fairing putty so that the next time I sand, everything will simply sand down to a uniform surface. Oh, and the best part about this resin is the curing time. 20 minutes instead of 4 hours! This means that additional layers can occur in the same day!