Head Refit: Shower Sole Part 2

We have a shower floor! We can stand in here! Ouch, there are some prickly spots!


The fiberglass is mostly smooth, but there are some sharp spots, and some rough spots, and worst of all, some holes.

I thickened the epoxy with 407, as it gives good strength, somewhat ease of fairing, and most importantly, that lovely purple color! Once the surface was smoothed up, it was just a matter of sanding, then filling, then sanding, then filling, then sanding for days on end.

Fairing honestly felt like it was the longest part of the project. In the beginning, we had a giant hole. Once the foam went it, there was a drastic and rapid transformation. Progress! Fairing is just more of the same, with lots of work hours and little change. This can really dampen morale in the boat when days are spent working but it looks as if nothing is occurring.