Head Refit: Shower Sole Part 1

The solebearers are finished! It is now time to lay down the sole that we will stand on!


Most of these pieces are rectangular in nature with long straight edges. This is easy to make at the moment of work. The one irregular piece was made previously and is ready to insert with its flat edges facing the other rectangular pieces.

Assembly is really fast and easy, all I need to do is break a piece to size and cover both sides with Chop Strand Mat and Epoxy. Then position it in place and ready the next piece. This is as skilled of a production job as a toddler stacking blocks. It takes no thought and no concern for strength. The segments are all very small and with many vertical supports beneath them, they will be grossly over strengthened. Imagine if you actually tested the strength of a toddlers block tower where the blocks were made of solid white oak? The building materials are all vastly stronger than necessary and the small segments with many angles means that it will be plenty strong, regardless of design.

I did set everything inclined and draining into the shower grate with plenty of vertical supports to hold everything sturdy and well supported.


Once the sole has cured, I was able to re-enter the head and begin filling any gaps that remained. The blocks of foam are great but they do not allow you to “feather” the margins away. I completed this task by filling the ledges with epoxy fillets that slope down to make a smooth transition to the edge of the new sole.