Head Refit: Plumbing

What’s the difference between a room and a bathroom? Plumbing! 

We ordered our sink off of Amazon, the faucet and shower were local finds, and now we need to install them all! 


Well, as mentioned a while back. When I built the fiberglass flooring, I planned on making the space accessible to fit a new (replacement) hose through there in the future. This way I wouldn’t have to rip out the floor just to run a hose. The issue is I forgot to run the drain for the sink as well, so I got to test out the practicality of this tunnel I created a little earlier than anticipated.

Luckily, the wood I used is so massive and thick that I was able to bore a hole through it large enough to fit the sink drain hose through without affecting the surface. The sink drain runs down behind the door and then into the dead space behind the wood under the shelf, then down into the base of the shower sump. From there the sump pump picks it up and shoots it back up and out the side of the boat through the (yet to be installed because it got lost in the mail) above water seacock! 

Yes, plumbing makes this a head, and it takes a lot of work to make it such a room as well.