Head Refit: Painting Part 1

With the construction of the new head completed, we are finally able to convert the head from a rainbow of colors from all the different materials used to a single monochromatic creation on serenity. White walls, white floor, white everything.  


on the side of the shower that has the shower head, I painted a layer of epoxy just to make sure that the shower water doesn’t work it’s way into the wood. 


On the other side, I did not because the shower water isn’t as intensely spraying onto it’s surface.  

What paint am I using? Why am I not using primer? 

I’m painting the entire head with bilgekote from Interlux. I don’t use primer under bilgekote because I find that it works just fine when painted onto a bare surface.  

Bilges are wet and so are showers, so it makes sense to paint the entire shower with it. Right? 

In a few years, we will all know for sure. In the mean time, I’m going on a hunch that I feel will work out in the end!