Head Refit: Cabinets Part 1

The cabinet in the head will serve to hold the sink and also to store the bathroom necessities. The main issue we had with the old sink cabinet was that the doors opened towards the midship which means that if we healed hard to port, the doors would swing open and dump everything they were supposed to be storing. 

The solution is to make this new cabinet open with a door fore-aft. But first, we need to build a frame! 


To make the corners stronger, I mitered all the corners. 


The outermost corner of the frame needed a compound miter to make sure that all the edges and legs are fastened together properly.


The cleats for the aft side of the cabinet were merely glued to the iron frame that attaches to the chainlate with no mechanical fastener while the cleats on the bulkhead were fastened with screws. 

Now that we have a frame made, we can begin planking the bock and building our head once again!