The Big Departure

When all your hard work leading up to the arbitrarily set “shove off date” comes to a head, you will not be ready to go cruising. The truth is, you never will be ready.

All of your friends and family will come down to the boat to watch you set off on your journey, as you make the first step towards a huge adventure, and they want to see you leave the dock, not tell them you are still putting things away.

The best way to manage this situation is to shove off from the pier with a big show and wave good bye to everyone, then round the point where you fade from sight and anchor!

At anchor and out of view, you can finally get everything stowed and the boat prepared to go cruising. You will have no deadlines, no social pressures, so distracting conversations. It will just be you and your yacht, getting ready for the adventure to come.

So remember, give them the show they imagine, wave goodbye as you leave the pier, and sail away gracefully. Once you are out of view, anchor and get the boat ready for the voyage to come!