Traveling Far From Home

When you first set off cruising, you might feel like if you can’t seem to actually go. Every excuse and reason seems to hold you back from leaving on your voyage, and if you let it, it will.

When you go cruising, you are freeing yourself from all the restraints that society has placed on you. Everything that is set up to hold you still is going to be lifted, but first you must escape these restraints, to gain your freedom.

It will feel reckless and unprofessional, but if this is something you want to do, you just need to do it and not look back. Projects will not be finished, deadlines will not be met, but the time will come and you will have to go or you will never actually leave.

Since you are freeing yourself, the simple answer to “what do I need to bring?” is nothing. Just go, and after you have left, you will find the things that you truly do need, and those will be the things you will shop for at your next port.

Untie the lines or raise the anchor, and go!