Twin Lakes

These two lakes are actually the remnants of two volcanic craters that were responsible for forming this part of the island a few million years ago. The lake on the right is actually used as the water reservoir for the entire island.  


During the rainy season, the lake will fill up and carry the entire water needs of the whole island through the dry season, when little rain falls to replenish the supply.  

These two lakes are considered a prime hiking destination, and listed on travel sites as a priority to see when visiting Flores. Then they go on to say that the only way to access the two lakes is via a 7km hike (one way, then you have to turn around and walk home)! I had heard that one of the lakes was a water reservoir, and knew there was no way that a government worker was going to hike 14 kilometers just to check on the lake. There had to be a road somewhere! 

So, we looked at the map and found that the lakes are located right next to a major highway on the island (which is a two way street with a dashed line down the middle of it) and that there was a small “service road” that forked off of the highway and led straight to the lakes. 

We went for a little drive and figured that we would at least be a lot closer to the lakes if we drove than if we started from miles away!  

Well, the service road ends in a parking lot that has some steps next to it. Maddie and I walked up the steps, maybe 100 meters, and this was the view! We could not believe that the trail ends at a parking lot, so we went exploring a little.

We found where the trail ends and began hiking it a little to see where the trail would go, and what the trail looked like. We snaked our way through a field and along the edge of the lake on the right, only to come out to the highway. Yes, the trail flanks the highway and at many points the trail “is” the highway. 

By driving to the lakes and skipping the 3 hour hike (one way), we were able to visit many more beautiful attractions and sights that this island has to offer. We did hike a little that day, but no where near the 14 kilometers that would have been required to get to these lakes, only to see a parking lot right next to the view we had worked so hard to see.