Altered Reality

Camera phones are impressive machines. I came to the realization that my smart phone is the “do it all gadget” from older sci-fi movies. It has a flashlight, location information, maps, camera, voice recorder, video recorder, encyclopedia, and it can make phone calls too! 

The panoramic feature is fun to play with. It will compile a series of photographs into one long and wide photograph. Much like a multiple exposure photograph from the days of film cameras, the digital camera in the phone will stitch together multiple photos to create a panoramic image. But what if the image changes while the panoramic image is being taken? 


It gives a pretty cool effect! Maddie started taking the panoramic image with me standing on the left, and as she panned right, I moved along for the show. It gives a pretty cool rendering of the future that we once invisioned we would be living. We don’t have flying cars or immortality, but we do have Batman’s utility belt in the palm of our hands.