Poço Ribeiras do Ferreiro

These waterfalls are considered to be the most gorgeous waterfalls in all of the Azores!

The are located on the island of Flores, and lay peacefully waiting your presence just a mere 600 meters from the street. 


Maddie and I did the hike up the magical stone walkway, through trees, ferns, and along the small stream that drains the lake into the ocean. When we got up there, it was so beautiful and majestic that we sat in awe in the presence of these falls. Watching the water pour over the cliff through all the small cracks and valleys so high up is breathtaking.

Being how we visited Flores in the winter, which is their rainy season, we got to witness many more tiny waterfalls on the cliff side. Most people visit here in the summer when the days are dry, but this also means that the waterfalls are dry. Only the largest of the falls will remain during this season, but in the winter, all the little falls will be pouring out wispy sprays that are carried off by the wind into a fine mist that spreads out over the cliff face. 

Having seen many waterfalls on our first day in Flores, I must say that these really were the most spectacular and memorable of them all!