Poço do Bacalhau

While we are on the hard doing a refit in Terceira, Azores, we decided to have ourselves a little vacation from the boatwork and fly to Flores, Azores. 
This island is a very rainy place, which leads to lush vegetation and incredible waterfalls!


Right by our hotel is this beatiful cliff with stunning waterfalls coming down it’s face.


There is a short path, about 300 meters, to the base of the waterfall where the fresh water from the islands inter lands pour out over the rocky cliff and dump the water onto the rocks beneath. 


We were able to fly our drone up and above the waterfall to discover several smaller waterfalls and ponds that feed this massive cascade! 

The waterfall and cliff didn’t seem all that high, but it was! Our DJI Spark (https://amzn.to/2TFDeP5) had to fly over 700 feet up to be level with the top of the cliff and then higher to gain the view from above! 

The winds up there were not very nice to our drone and it was expending a lot of power just trying to hover, but the video it captured was worth it! 

This waterfall is so gorgeous and magical, yet so close to our hotel. Every time we leave our room we can see it and it reminds us that we are in a world full of fanciful imagination and no longer in reality. We are in the Azores!