Bermuda Beaches

In case you weren't fully in awe by the beauty of the land on Bermuda, the island chain has one more talent to take your breath away; the beaches.


The beaches in Bermuda are amazing, gorgeous, and wonderful. Brightly colored fish are right at the waters edge as the entire island is surrounded by a barrier reef. All the fish at the beach are actually deep inside the protection of the reef, they are merely in shallower waters at the moment when you get to enjoy them.

The really mind boggling part of the beaches is that just past the colorful fish and beautiful coral is nothing. The closest point of land is around 700 nautical miles away, and that is only if you are looking to the West. If you are looking East, the next point of land is 1800 nautical miles away in the form of the Azores. To the South is the Caribbean, and to the South East is Africa. You are standing at the edge of the land gazing out onto a view normally only seen by blue water sailors. When you gaze off into the distance, there is nothing obscuring your view of the horizon and it is a sight that should be appreciated and respected. 

The beaches at Bermuda are amazing, as well as humbling as you know you will soon be out there for some beach goer to gaze out upon you on the horizon!