After spending a month in the Bahamas, I kind of formulated what Bermuda would look like before we got there. Boy, was I wrong!


Bermuda is not in the tropics, it is actually located quite north and this is evidenced by the lack of palm trees lining the shores. The bays between the Bermuda Islands are lined with coniferous trees, the kinds you would find in the mountains of New England! 

Our stopover in Bermuda was short but impacting. The sights, sounds, and smells of land are humbling after being at sea for almost a month. You forget what insects sound like, or what dirt smells like! On the ocean, everything looks like a wave, but when you are in Bermuda, everything looks beautiful and unique. 

If you are sailing by Bermuda, it would certainly be worth a few days stopover. Checking in only costs $35 per person on the boat, and it is free to anchor in St. George's Harbor where the holding is more than adequate.