Itchy Feet

No, not that kind! I'm referring to the feeling that you get when you have been someplace for too long. 

When we arrived in the St. Mary's River, the white sand beaches followed by the tall pine trees made me fall in love with this river. The bottom offers great holding and the trees give wonderful protection from the wind.  

We spent our days rowing to shore and relaxing on the beach as we watched the world pass by. This was such a wonderful place to be and to relax.  

Then after a few weeks here, we both got a bit anxious to move on. We had been in these wonderful and protected waters to wait out a series of serious thunderstorms that were passing by. Now they have and we are itching to keep exploring! 

Deep in the river, there are no waves, as there is wonderful protection from all directions. Wisdom hasn't rocked or rolled in two weeks! The stillness has been working on our nerves and we soon found ourselves longing to leave in search of new waters. 

It is funny how the little things will egg you on to keep exploring. Something as insignificant as the rocking motion we usually experience can make us leave such protected waters in search of new places with new wave patterns. While we do love this river, and will look forward to sailing in her waters again when we return from our travels, at the moment, we just want to continue on! 

This is why cruisers are constantly on the move. They will discover a wonderful paradise, somewhere that they could happily live out the rest of their lives, and yet they will leave this paradise one day. Their feet get itchy and the only cure is to start traveling again in search of the next wonderful paradise.