Finding the Time to do the Things You Love

Cruising might seem like an endless string of vacation. Each day as carefree as the last, which means that everyday allows for you to relax and enjoy what you love most.

The problem is that it is easy to get wrapped up into the same meaningless routine that you had on shore, just that you take this routine up in a new and exciting location.

While cruising, things will break, and tasks will present themselves. You can either engulf yourself in these tasks and spend your entire cruise working on them or you can take some time and stop all the madness to enjoy what you set off for.

I am a workaholic and will easily bury myself into all the projects I can invent for myself to carry out. Maddie is very good at enjoying the moment and is especially good at finding the perfect time to include me in the moment.

One day, I was busy toiling away at some meaningless job I had created for myself when Maddie called my name. I heard her voice but could not see her anywhere. It turns out she was sitting in the hammock watching the sunset.

She called for me as it was almost to the best part. The sky was still blue but it was about to turn a myriad of reds and oranges. She called me to join her in the hammock to enjoy the color changing sky, and that was the whole point of being there.

Looking back on that day, I honestly can't even remember what I was trying to accomplish, but I do remember the magnificent sunset! Be sure that wherever you end up, that you enjoy the reason you are there for! These will be the memories that you will retain for the rest of your life, not the work you had to do.