Timeless Sunsets


I was recently asked: "You must get to see a lot of sunsets" 

Up until that point, I have taken for granted the fact that I get to see every sunset. I see the ones that light up the sky with a red glow and the ones that fade out into blue obscurity as the night encroaches. Seeing the sun set simply becomes a daily occurrence becuase I pretty much live outside and connected with nature. As the sun begins to go down,I notice it because the sun comes in at a harsh angle, this alerts me to look in its direction and enjoy the splendid display in the sky above me.

Sunsets will never loose their majesticness, but they will lose their count. I honestly have lost count of what day we are, and how many days we have been cruising, as such the number of sunsets I have seen is also lost to me, but the wonder always remains the same. 

This timelessness of the setting sun brings peace to each day as night comes over us and we relax our way to sleep.