Living in the Hook

Most liveablards live in a marina where life resembles land based life, except that you live on a boat. Your spaces are smaller, but you can still indulge in the same expensive activities that are popular on land. Subscriptions, dues, and other costly endevours will easily add up. The money you save by living aboard can easily be spent bat any place found on land, just as easily as if you lived ashore. 

Living on the hook, however, can make you shift your perspective rather drastically. When you are anchored, you have no address to ship your monthly commitments to. Going home also removes you from any commercial enterprise, where you would instead be living in a bubble where money grabbing schemes can't reach you. 

Instead, you live in a fantasy world, where you have all you need on board, and you travel around as you desire. Spending is through out and decisive, as you buy things that you need. You don't have any extra space, so buying extra items would actually be a hinderance as it would take up your valuable space and fill it with clutter. 

Trips ashore are thought out and calculated. They are more of a visit to different lands rather than a shopping trip to "buy what catches your eye."  This leads to a much more frugal life where spending is minimized and thus, need to work is also minimized.

Living on the hook is a great way to disconnect from the world as you know it and enter a new world filled with inner happiness and blissfulness. Once you enter this world, you wonder what took you so long to make the leap!