Converting to Lines Led Aft: Part 4, Assembling the Bracket

With the cheek blocks mounted on the boom, it was time to drill the holes and install the padeyes for the mast turning blocks. These blocks will turn the reefing lines and halyard from down to aft, leading the lines back into the cockpit. They will be under a lot of stress and load, which is why they must be incredibly strong.

Bolt holes for the individual padeyes were drilled into the thick stainless steel plate where they would be securely fastened with bolts, nuts, and backing plates to help distribute the loads they will be subjected to.

To add flexibility into the system, we are using Antal Low Friction Rings attached with a dyneema loop. Antal sells pre-made rings in loops for their smaller sizes but not for their larger rings.

I made the dyneema grommet that holds the main halyards ring in the same fashion that I make the dyneema grommets for deadeyes. Instead of inserting thimbles and a seizing knot in the middle, I merely inserted a loop with a seizing knot attached to the padeye with a larks head knot.

With the hardware mounted on the spars and the bracket finished up, the next step will be to install the clutches and the winch in the cockpit.