Sealing Holes Temporarily

In an ideal world, you will have all the parts you need to complete a task on hand or at least readily accessible. In reality, you need to drill your holes and then measure the actual depth to purchase the correct length and size of fastener. When you drill your holes and then leave to go get the fasteners, what should you do with the exposed holes?

Do you just do a quick cloud check and then head to the hardware store? Or do you seal up the hole to keep any foreign bodies out of the space? The correct answer is to seal it up! 

Sealing the hole is easy, and the better the seal, the harder it is to uncover it once you have all your fasteners. This is where Gorilla duct tape comes into play. 

This duct tape will seal off the outside of the hole, even on non-skid surfaces, yet it won't leave a sticky residue when the tape is removed. I have left this tape in place on surfaces exposed to the sun for a full week and when I removed the tape, no residue remained. Best of all, the tape was still good to reuse! I don't normally care for brand name products as I feel they are overpriced versions of the generic, but Gorilla tape will keep out moisture and not leave behind a sticky mess. 


In this situation, I had drilled the holes for a clutch bank and winch base. The holes were large and encompassed by non-skid. Worse yet, this is a cored deck and rain was on its way! I safely taped up the holes and the wood was dry the next day, even though we had an overnight downpour.