Backstay Adjuster

Split or twin backstays offer a unique opportunity to setup a backstay adjuster: A backstay pincher.

Using three Antal frictionless rings, you can easily fabricate your own backstay adjuster that will pinch your backstays together and add the needed tension to the headstay on the otherside of the mast.

The three rings are spliced together into a Y shape with the two rings on the backstays tied together in a close shape. The third ring is used for the control line. 

Above the Y, a block was attached to the backstay which allows us to easily raise the adjuster to ease the backstay. Pulling the adjuster down, the backstay adjuster slides down the stays and pinches the two stays together which will add tension to the headstay. Frictionless rings slide easily over dyneema stays, removing the need for any mechanical advantage from a block and tackle system.