Finishing Up the Bilge Pump

The bilge pump supports are ready for the pump. The resin has cured, the paint has dried, and the bolt holes have been refreshed. It is time to connect the hose and bolt the unit in place!

The bilge pump lives tucked away inside the locker when not in use and the handle lives inside the foulies locker when times are dry. When we need to use the pump, the lockers lid can be removed and the foulies locker can be opened up. This gives us plenty of space to stand over the pump and operate the handle.

The handle is kept close at hand in the hanging locker by tying a hitch to the handle and looping the tail over the sail tie hook in the locker.

I was about to make a bracket using a pipe at the bottom and a clip at the top to hold the lever arm in place when not in use. This project would have taken a considerable amount of time and effort when Maddie suggested I tie a fancy knot to the pole and hang it from the hooks that are already in there. 

A simple hitch is all it took with the tails tied into a loop using a sheet bend. There was a scrap piece of dyneema was hanging on a port light awaiting some form of use. In a few seconds, this little piece of dyneema was transformed into the bilge pump handle loop!

The last step in the process will be to bore a massive hole in the side of the hull and install the through hull fitting for the bilge pump discharge. Then this bilge pump will be completely installed and ready for use!