Cooking Dinner

Living on a sailboat doesn't have to be a life of camping. All the creature comforts (that fit) of home are welcome in a sailboat, allowing you to live a happy and comfortable life without all the hassle of land based life.

While most people consider a grill to be something used while camping, a grill is never far away from your galley when you live on a sailboat. Magma grills are wonderful creations, they keep the heat in yet do not heat up their surroundings very much.

In the summer, the fiberglass around the grill will not get hot; in the winter everything remains very cold. This allows you to cook a steak on the grill in your cockpit without worrying about burning your yacht to the waterline. While cooking on a grill in the cockpit is not the ideal method of cooking, keeping a fire extinguisher close at hand and the flames small will minimize the risk of setting everything on fire. 

If your grill is radiating a significant amount of heat, you would then need to worry about starting a fire and should exercise much more caution when grilling aboard.