Handy Tiny Circular Saw

When you need to trim through a lot of wood in a very tight or small area, a handsaw simply wont fit and a circular would be too dangerous for such delicate work. This is when the handy Saw-Max by Dremel comes into play.

Instead of a standard toothed blade, the saw max uses an abrasive blade the grinds away at the wood like a tiny file. There is virtually no kerf, so very little wood is lost in the process. Since the entire unit is very small and light weight, it can easily be placed right into tight spots and allows you to cut right on the mark!

Using the Saw-Max, I am able to achieve finishing cuts without fear of grain tear out or accidentally damaging another part of the hull. I can also keep a close eye on what I am cutting as there is very little particulate matter that is ejected from the cutting process. A smaller kerf (width of the blade) means that less wood is turned to dust which means less dust being thrown all over the place.